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St. Francis Training Center started in 1997, as a program to cater for refugees coming to Kenya. Its main focus was to train them English and Kiswahili languages. Thereafter, it became evident that refugees required crucial technical skills. The training centre was created to empower them. In 2013, St. Francis Training Center was accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education allowing it to become a Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) centre.


Certificate in Baking and Pastries

Duration 3 months or 1 year Examination: Internal

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Artisan Certificate in Food and Beverage Production and Service

Duration 1 Year Grade D- or K.C.PE Admission: January / September Examination body: KNEC

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Certificate in Language English & French

All beginners Duration 6 months or 1 year Examination: Internal

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Certificate in clothing and Technology

Duration 1 or 2 years Grade D - or K.C.P.E Admission: January/ May /September Examination body National Industrial Training Authority( NITA)

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Certificate in Computer Applications

Duration 3 or 6 months Admission: January/ May /September Examination body: Internal

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Craft Certificate in Food and Beverage Production and Service

Duration 2 years ( Module I & II) Grade D plain & above or PASS in Artisan Admission: January/ September Examination body KNEC

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  • Our Motive for Opening a Technical Training School
  • Who We Compete With
  • Who We Work With
  • To train and educate young people who will provide quality services to the society.
  • To provide access to quality vocational training. To reduce unemployment among young people.
  • To produce competent graduates capable of integrating the knowledge and skills they acquire.
  • To help young people develop marketable skills that will turn their dreams and goals into realities.

The training center has a competitive advantage over most of the faith-based and secular vocational training institutions like Jewel College, St. Kizito Technical Institution.

At St. Francis, we know the importance of engaging all stakeholders. We work closely with The Catholic Church, KNEC, and Ministry of Education through TVET, National Industrial Training Authority, Waumini Radio and Africa 118.

Our Core Value

To promote human dignity, moral values and professional.



To produce competetent graduates capable of integerating the acquired technology.

To be a center of excellence in the provision of quality technical training and innovation

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