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St. Francis Training Centre is a church initiative started by the Little Sisters of St. Francis. It was started in 1997 as a program to cater for refugees coming into Kenya from the Great Lakes Region.

The language was a primary barrier as most of these refugees came from French-speaking nations. In 2000, the Little Sisters started a training school for refugees to learn English and Kiswahili with an intent of empowering them to interact with local people. This helped them to seek casual jobs like washing clothes and in turn earn some cash to keep them going. After learning these languages, it was felt that there was a need to empower them with technical skills. In 2012, St. Francis training center was assessed and in 2013, the Ministry of Higher Education accredited it as a Technical Training School thus becoming a KNEC examination center.


The Little Sisters of St. Francis purposed the following

  • To help our students develop up to the minute marketable skills that will turn their dreams into realities.
  • To prepare our students for the new present challenges in the ranks of professional in all areas we are training.
  • To help them reach new heights of personal and creative success.
  • To prepare our students not just to enter the field of skills but to excel in it.
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